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Anatomy lab for hands-on learning

College’s anatomy lab: A vital educational space

Upasana College of Nursing’s anatomy lab, established in 2004, facilitates undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students in learning human anatomy and physiology. Located on the ground floor, the 1118 square feet lab accommodates 75 students per semester, equipped with models, specimens, and charts for practical learning. Live demonstrations by expert anatomy teachers enhance the educational experience.

Stress-free environment for practical learning

A lifelike hospital setup for nursing practice and learning

Nursing Foundation:
The Nursing Foundation Lab simulates a hospital environment for learning. Students practice various procedures on advanced mannequins under teacher guidance. The lab reduces stress and fear, equipped with 4 mannequins, beds, and necessary equipment. Mannequins allow practice of injections, catheterization, tube insertion, and physical examination. The lab includes an Arm Mannequin for injection practice and displays health information charts. Students attend demonstration sessions in this spacious, well-equipped lab.

Advanced technical training for students

Realistic hospital setting for practice

Obstetrics and Gynecological lab is well equipped with mannequins, birthing simulator, instruments, maternal pelvis, foetal skull, models, specimens and audio visual aids. For procedure demonstrations, normal and abnormal mechanism of labour, there are necessary articles and equipment’s. Laboratories are utilized for demonstrations and student practice for procedures under supervision.

Learn nutritive food preparation

Equipped for practical learning and annual “Nutrition fest”

Nutrition lab is a place which provides the opportunity to the students to learn about proper food preparation, food safety and nutritive values. Our lab is well equipped and furnished with utensils and nutritional charts as part of the partial requirement, It also contains refrigeration facilities, cooking facilities and a big dining facilities. Students used to conduct “Nutrition fest” annually.

Vital for confidence building

Advanced training in realistic hospital settings

Community Health Nursing
The Community Health Nursing lab is well-equipped with community health bags, AV aids, and models. Students learn and practice bag technique to provide healthcare services and raise health awareness in urban and rural communities. Modified home visiting kits and effective AV aids promote disease prevention and positive health.

Training in child growth and development

Hands-on experience for neonatal and pediatric care

Child Health Nursing
The Child Health Nursing department trains students in normal child growth and development. The well-equipped laboratory provides hands-on experience, including objective structured clinical experiences. It includes instruments, equipment, mannequins, charts, and play materials. Students develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes for neonatal and pediatric care.

Hands-on experience in adult patient care

Advanced simulation for practical skill development

Medical Surgical Nursing
The Medical Surgical Nursing Lab offers hands-on experience in adult patient care, providing a safe environment for skill development with advanced simulators and medical equipment. Through role-play, simulation, and case studies, students refine their skills, enhancing critical thinking and communication with instructor support.

  • Patient simulators
  • Medical instruments
  • IV infusion pumps
  • Surgical tools
  • Defibrillator
  • Anatomical charts
  • Operating room equipment
  • IV administration sets
  • Catheters
  • Suction Apparatus
  • Ventilator

Technology hub for interactive learning

Enhancing education through multimedia resources

We have well furnished and well finished computer lab. There are enough and more computers in our lab as per the requirements and a separate cabin for staff and students. Students are using the internet facilities for research and reference purpose.

Audio Visual Aids
Audiovisual aids enhance teaching effectiveness and knowledge dissemination. The AV laboratory is well-equipped with high-tech educational media, including charts, models, and posters. All classrooms are equipped with LCD screens. The lab contains: OHP, LCD projector, Monitors, Players