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Shaping Healthcare’s Future

Our commitment to excellence in education ensures that nurses make a profound impact in healthcare.

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Upasana College of Nursing, situated in the vast and beautiful Puthuchira campus at Kollam, Kerala, is promoted by the Upasana Charitable Society, led by Padmasree Dr. B. Ravipillai.

The college’s idyllic setting fosters a conducive atmosphere for academic excellence and personal development.

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Our Courses

Explore our diverse range of nursing programs designed to shape competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Messages from College Leadership

Welcome to Upasana College, where we ignite the spark of knowledge and compassion in our students. Our vision is to empower nurses with the skills and values to excel in healthcare globally.

With dedication and quality education, we aim to produce nursing leaders who make a meaningful difference. Join us in this journey of excellence, where we shape the future of healthcare, one nurse at a time.

Padmashri Dr. B. Ravi Pillai

We at Upasana College are committed to nurturing a culture of learning and innovation. Our goal is to provide a dynamic and forward-thinking environment for our students.

We believe in equipping our nursing graduates to face the evolving challenges of the healthcare industry. Together, we’ll explore new horizons in nursing education, ensuring our students to reach heights.

Dr. Manoj Kumar V V

As the principal of Upasana College, I take pride in our mission to foster excellence in nursing. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive education, blending theory and practical skills.

We believe in creating well-rounded nurses who not only excel in their careers but also touch lives with compassion. Join us in this journey, where we cultivate the qualities that define exceptional healthcare professionals.

Prof. Dr. Annie P Alexander

Our Facilities

Explore our state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources dedicated to nurturing excellence in nursing education.

Discover Excellence in Nursing Education

Where Cutting-edge Facilities, Experienced Faculty and Global Opportunities Await You.

Graduates from our college have found fulfilling nursing careers not only in India but also internationally in countries like the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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